really weird mobo problems

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Jul 8, 2007
  1. ok i got my heat sink fan working now and everythingwas cool. then out of nowhere my screen goes nuts! theres no way its over heating
    what i think it migth be is this is a dual channel ddr2 but im running only one mem stick in there. im not to sure if thats causing it but next time it happens ill post it up on youtube.

    any suggestions? the board is a gigabyte 945gzm-s2
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    I have sucessfully ran one ram module on many boards that support ddr2. No problems like that. Did your screen ever do this exact thing before (recently)? Any other modifications to your pc recently?
  3. Adhmuz

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    heat sink fan for what component? CPU, Graphics card Mobo??? Screen going nuts would mostly indicate graphics card, if thats what you modified than maybe it got damaged, or you didn't plug in the auxiliary power, i've done that once after the bios screen when windows started to load my screen did the exact same thing, dunno some feedback would be nice.
  4. 0mega9401

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    nope im using the inter graded video on this build. but i did speak to gigabyte today and they tolled me they did not support my processor!!! yep even when it clearly says on their box supports core 2 duo cpu's but when i called they said "we dont have the rigth bios for your cpu ((intel e4500 core duo))
    which i think is stupid because if it doesnt support this type of processors rigth now dont says you do. this is the only board ive ever had thats given me this problem. in all my other build all i really worry about is the socket type and fsb thats it
    word to the wise dont use gigabyte! go with asus or abit

    heres the youtube link for it

    and yes thats a 26 inch by the way
  5. Adhmuz

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    well if its not supported its not supported theres nothing you can do untill they realease a new bios or something
  6. ChrisLam

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    Aren't Core2Duo and Core Duo different types?

    Oops nvm e4500 is C2D
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