realPlayer 10 Deleting Files w/o warning!!! Need help Please

By Trigger44
Oct 13, 2005
  1. Okay Here is the Problem. I am running realplayer v.10.0 on my windows xp pro box. I have all of my mp3 and other media files located on shared drives in a seperate file server running win2000 server. I have a domain set up in the house with all boxes joined up to the domain. So I access media files through a mapped drive to the file server. In realplayer I chose the scan disk for media under the file menu. I specified the spacific mapped drive as the only thing to scan and let it go. I found all 7000 or so MP3s I had and added them to "my Library". I can play the files just fine no problem, or so I thought. Everything works fine until I decided to rate the individual songs by clicking on the individual rating stars. I rated about 25 songs and then went back to listen to one of the ones I had rated. When i tried to play it a message window popped up saying the file could not befound at specified location and gives the opption to delete from library or browse for a new path to the desired file. I then noticed every song i had rated had a little red X over the icon infront of it. They all came up with the same problem when i tried to play them. So I opened a Windows Explorer and went to the mapped drive and into my mp3 folders....(which I have in perfect order, filed out buy artist,album,track...So I know when something is missing and exactly from where) and everyone of the mp3s I had this problem with in realPlayer were missing from their designated spots in my collection. Gone!!!! Cant find them anywhere not in recycle, not with view hidden, not in some temp file hidden in the program files... I have been all over my hard-drives manually looking through everything...With no luck. I have noticed it only happens when I rate the song and then poof it is gone the next time I try to play it. Please any help and Suggestions Would be Greatly Appreciated.
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    STOP rating those songs! Why would you in the first place?
    Is RP10 still in Beta?
  3. hexC0DE

    hexC0DE TS Rookie


    this same damn thing is happening to me... and i have realplayer 10.5. it's freakin weird. try to rate the file... frickin blows it away. wtf !?!?


    really pissing me off

    ever get a solution? or you end up just never using the rating feature?
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