Realtek AC97 Audio problem

By Yanno
Jan 29, 2006
  1. I have a Realtek AC97 Audio Sound card. It came in a package with the mainboard etc. I installed the driver and the sound seemed to work fine, when I was not actually making the computer "think". But when i started a game or any other program where the computer had to do alot of loading and processing to do, it started lagging. It sounded as if I am talking to someone over my cellphone, and I am in an area with low connection, so that i only hear bits and bobs from what is being said. The only difference is that I do here everything but in a sort of cut to pieces slow motion sound.
    I tried updating the Sound card's driver, it made it a little worse, so i rolled it back. I checked on the Soltek website (producer of my mainboard and soundcard) ( There it said that i'd have to update the Bios because there was a problem with the Bios and Windows XP Service pack 2, and that that will fix it. I don't know that much bout the BIOS and I don't know what it has to do with the Soundcard but, when i start up my computer it says BIOS is not installed. So i tried to update it, but that only works in DOS. But in DOS, my Harddrives don't get recognized, so i sit there with my little floppy, with the files on it, but not able to update the BIOS, because it tells me error 3 missing file.
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