Realtek HD driver issues with windows?

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Hey guys and gals,

well i got a lovely new laptop a month or so ago and just recently its been playing up:
speakers sometimes work and when they do they distort heavily and then cut out all together .. and they rarely work again
i look in sound devices and it says there no device present
i look at device manager and at the sound and video drivers selection and the audio drivers are set as legacy .. and are working properly but they dont know where the device actually is....

the next insult to injury is if i try to uninstall the currently installed realtek drivers ... i get an uninstallation failure and so theyre not totally uninstalled

if i try and install the drivers through windows i.e. update drivers (in control panel etc) i get the ever amazing BSOD which reports that RtkHDAud.sys has caused my laptop to crash

its getting a tad annoying as im back off to uni tomorrow and have no sound ... the only thing that i will be able to listen to music thru is my MP3 player which is far from practical when im sitting in my room

the laptop is:
acer 5103WLMi
AMD 64 x2 turion
1gb RAM
Ati X1300

and im running on media center

thanks for your time and i hope you guys can help me :)


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Go to the maker of your lovely new laptop's support website, search for your models drivers and find the audio driver and reinstall it from there
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