Rebate Nightmare status-now dot com

By luvhuffer
Dec 27, 2007
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  1. In April 2006 I bought a gig of Mushkin ram from Fry's on a rebate promotion. The company handling the rebate, was status-now dot com. After a lengthy ordeal I ended up writing a couple nasty e-mails to Mushkin about how badly this crap messes up their reputation and reflects badly on them. After several e-mails with an understanding manager, Mushkin actually ended up cutting me the rebate check themselves.

    Fast forward to September 2007. I buy 2 gigs of Geil ram from NewEgg. Initially I had to contact status-now as they had entered the wrong promotion number. That issue resolved I began the 8 to 10 week wait.

    Last week I e-mailed NewEgg and got a yada yada response, and status-now's phone number which isn't listed on the tracking site (your first clue this isn't going to be easy).

    Today I called status-now and very impolitely told them this was the start of week 14, and asked them where my money was? I was told to watch my language. I explained the Mushkin incident and told them I wasn't going to put up with them dicking around with my cash. The agent looked at my file and said that the manufacturer was reviewing the rebate details. He also told me it takes 2 weeks before the rebate actually gets sorted and put into the processing loop. I told him there is absolutely no reason why that time shouldn't be reflected in the advertised wait time. I demanded a land line number to Geil. He gave me a toll number. I suspect he was hoping I wouldn't want to make a toll call...WRONG! I then told the guy that if he was making notations to please note in my record that I was very rude and vulgar because I felt his company was a lying f**king POS.

    I called Geil and got a customer service agent named Andy. I prefaced the conversation with the events that transpired with Mushkin. I then told him about the current debacle and how Geil was supposed to be reviewing the rebate details.

    His response was "WHAT?" I don't think I need to go beyond this point, as I'm sure you can guess the rest. So as per his request I e-mailed all the original forms. He warned me it would be a week or so as a lot of the people are out on Holiday, so... Now the wait continues once again.

    Bottom line is download the rebate form before you buy and think twice if the outfit handling the rebate is status-now dot com.

    Wishes for Peace and Prosperity in the New Year to all you guys and gals here at TechSpot!

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