Reboot loop on Compaq Presario laptop Win XP

By Legoflamb
Oct 11, 2010
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  1. Ok I'm fixing this for my girlfriend's grandma and it's got a reboot loop it never gets as far as the windows logo with the blue bar going across the screen.

    It just gives the safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, last known good config etc....

    I figured I'd format and reinstall windows but it won't do it.

    When I get to the point of pressing enter to set up windows when it boots from the cd it says 'setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer blah blah'

    Does this mean the HD is dead completely now, any simple tricks I can do to sort it?

    It's a crappy old laptop so no probs if not really worth fixing she can just get a new one.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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