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By noobie · 4 replies
Jun 6, 2008
  1. hi im new to this forum, i have a serious problem with my laptop, i currently owns a Toshiba, but it started acting strange, like for example freeze, therefore i decided to reeboot my laptop. but when the process reach 78% it starts making some strange noises and comes up with an error message saying: error restoring image.
    acces is denied.
    ERROR: ImageX could not apply VISTA F:\05667XSP.swm Index 2 from ODD to C:\!
    press any key to continue.
    any idea what the error is, i have tried restarting the process a few times and the same message appears each time
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Do you mean you tried restoring your laptop? Because there's no percentage count in loading Windows (unless it's doing a CheckDisk)

    You might want to run a HardDrive Diagnostics test on your HardDrive (I think it may be failing!)
  3. noobie

    noobie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes resotr, im sorry i do not know the english lingo that well. i will try the test. if my laptops harddisk fails, can i get a new harddisk or do i need a new laptop??
  4. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Just a new internal HardDrive

    But if the RESTORE image was on your HardDrive, you will need the Windows DVD, or Restore Disc
    If you don't have this DVD, you may need to contact Toshiba and purchase one (not the actual HardDrive though- as that can come from anywhere!)
  5. noobie

    noobie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have some system recovery cd´s but i guess i will have to purchase a new intternal harddrive
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