Rebooting PC from scratch

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Apr 6, 2010
  1. hi, i have a windows xp, i have put in a new 540 power supply. about 6 months ago someone divided the C and D drive wrong, the gave more space on the C drive than the D drive. i want to reset my pc from scratch. i have been told i need to go to the bios page. i have no idea where to start. can someone please advise me step by step on how to reboot/ reset my pc so that i can reinstall all the software etc. coz he has messed up my pc big time. if someone goes through it with me i would be very greatful as i have tried reading in some books and didnt find what i needed.
    thank you in advance.
  2. JMMD

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    What I think you're saying is you want to re-install Windows XP? Is that correct?

    Do you have an XP install CD? Have you backed up all of your data?

    Is there any data on the "D" drive that you need? You could always just re-partition the drives to make it one large "C" drive.
  3. tiggy

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    hi there,
    yes- i have backed up all my data.
    i have a CD for windows XP professional, microsoft works, nvidia nforce motherboard, office 2003 and supervoice CD/ software to install.
    all dad on D drive have been removed. i have been advised that the guy gave me too much C drive which is for the pc system and D drive for my data/ documents etc which is much smaller.
    thanks in advance
  4. JMMD

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    So you want to keep the "C" drive smaller and install everything on "D" rather than just making a large "C" drive?

    During the XP install you can select to delete the partitions that it locates and create new partitions. You only need to create a new partition for "C" and later on you can create the partition for "D" inside of Windows XP.

    If you didn't want to do a fresh install, you could use a partition manager of some kind and resize the "C" drive and then use the remaining space for a "D" drive.

    Just remember, everything on these disks will be deleted during this process.
  5. tiggy

    tiggy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes a fresh install is what i want... how do i do that? just put the cd in? and follow instructions? i dont have to do anything with the bios?
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