Rebuilding a Dell laptop that had a water accident

  1. so about half a glass of water got spilled onto my laptop keyboard while it was in standby mode. i immediately unplugged it, removed the battery, disassembled it, and let it sit in some rice over night. unfortunately i was too anxious and did not wait long enough. upon turning it a few days later the screen flickered out and went dark. there was/is still life in the laptop (when the power button is pushed the normal lights start up but the screen and fan remain off). since then i've got a working motherboard and screen fairly cheap off ebay and after installing both properly the same startup lights turn on and the screen remains dark. now i'm thinking i needs to replace the intel processor? the ram and some of the other components remained dry but i do not really know what components could have been affected. i always thought if a computer fried and you replaced the motherboard then it would be fine, but is it possible for the processor, ram, wireless card, etc to be fried as well? and if the original motherboard was indeed fried would any of the startup lights turn on or would it just be dead?

    btw i bought a refurbished laptop off of and its decent, so fixing this dell is now just a hobby of mine really, but its something i'd like to do.

    any ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks

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