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Recommend a good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

By pioneerx01
Mar 27, 2015
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  1. I am looking for a new USB flash drive with all of the following features:

    Metal case or very hard plastic. Not rubberized.
    USB 3.0 with R/W speeds of at least 50MB/s
    No cap, swivel cap or removable protective casing.
    At least 16GB or more.

    I still have SanDisk Cruzer Micro Titanium. I am looking for something similar in size and features, but faster with bigger capacity.

    Any ideas? Thanks
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,263   +4,931

    I bought the Mushkin Enhanced Atom 64GB USB Flash Drive. The write speeds are a bit slower than I wanted at 20MB, but read speeds are above 100MB. I can't complain though as the drive performs as advertised. And for what I want it works perfectly. The casing is hard plastic not rubberized. I know you said no cap, I had that rule as well but grew tired of trying to sort through the available options. Anyway I wanted to pass the word on the recorded speed for my purchase. My last purchase was years ago for a 16GB Cruzer Micro like the one you have.

    Here are the benchmarks for my flash drive.
    Starting benchmark.
    Bechmarking H:(070B51D3EFFD0114)
    Started at 3/27/2015 7:46:25 PM
    Filename: H:\test.tmp
    Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
    16384k:6 Write Speed:30.01MB/s
    16384k:6 Write Speed:12.35MB/s
    16384k:6 Write Speed:12.21MB/s
    16384k:6 Average Write Speed:15.29MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:120.24MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:119.94MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:120.17MB/s
    16384k:6 Average Read Speed:120.11MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:15.81MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:11.34MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:11.79MB/s
    8192k:12 Average Write Speed:12.70MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:120.74MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:121.35MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:121.55MB/s
    8192k:12 Average Read Speed:121.21MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:12.96MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:15.06MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:12.31MB/s
    4096k:25 Average Write Speed:13.34MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:119.21MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:118.23MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:119.46MB/s
    4096k:25 Average Read Speed:118.97MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:13.38MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:8.91MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:8.88MB/s
    2048k:50 Average Write Speed:10.01MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:111.43MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:110.82MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:111.68MB/s
    2048k:50 Average Read Speed:111.31MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:10.32MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:12.79MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:15.42MB/s
    1024k:100 Average Write Speed:12.50MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:116.58MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:113.60MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:116.50MB/s
    1024k:100 Average Read Speed:115.54MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:11.92MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:14.19MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:14.09MB/s
    512k:200 Average Write Speed:13.31MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:120.32MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:119.08MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:120.05MB/s
    512k:200 Average Read Speed:119.82MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file.
    256k:40 Write Speed:8.28MB/s
    256k:40 Write Speed:11.13MB/s
    256k:40 Write Speed:7.81MB/s
    256k:40 Average Write Speed:8.86MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:94.47MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:95.36MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:94.49MB/s
    256k:40 Average Read Speed:94.77MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:6.15MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:13.09MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:4.10MB/s
    128k:80 Average Write Speed:6.21MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:91.57MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:92.04MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:93.11MB/s
    128k:80 Average Read Speed:92.23MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:8.12MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:11.53MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:11.81MB/s
    64k:160 Average Write Speed:10.19MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:87.04MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:89.33MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:86.33MB/s
    64k:160 Average Read Speed:87.55MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:1.87MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:11.50MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:9.33MB/s
    32k:320 Average Write Speed:4.11MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:31.22MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:30.31MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:31.01MB/s
    32k:320 Average Read Speed:30.84MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file.
    16k:320 Write Speed:1.69MB/s
    16k:320 Write Speed:8.21MB/s
    16k:320 Write Speed:7.90MB/s
    16k:320 Average Write Speed:3.57MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:28.70MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:29.28MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:28.30MB/s
    16k:320 Average Read Speed:28.76MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:4.43MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:5.20MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:5.06MB/s
    8k:640 Average Write Speed:4.87MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:24.73MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:25.06MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:24.82MB/s
    8k:640 Average Read Speed:24.87MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:2.83MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:1.13MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:1.82MB/s
    4k:1280 Average Write Speed:1.68MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:5.78MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:5.49MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:5.83MB/s
    4k:1280 Average Read Speed:5.69MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:0.93MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:0.86MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:0.99MB/s
    2k:2560 Average Write Speed:0.92MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:2.98MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:2.91MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:3.00MB/s
    2k:2560 Average Read Speed:2.96MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.49MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.50MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.49MB/s
    1k:5120 Average Write Speed:0.49MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:1.20MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:1.24MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:1.22MB/s
    1k:5120 Average Read Speed:1.22MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Benchmark done.
    Ended at 3/27/2015 7:50:52 PM

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