Recommendations for a Portable Digital Audio Recorder?

By SNGX1275
Dec 8, 2005
  1. I'm working on a project where I need something that can record a signal from a line in and then also be able to have a way to get that audio to a computer. It would be ideal if it could record the audio in some uncompressed format.

    The signal its recording will be analogue, so it doesn't have to have a digital in. But it needs to stay digital after that. I think...

    I am going to be googling and trying to find one. But I thought I'd drop the question here and see if anyone has some suggestions. Price isn't too much of an issue.

    I guess the bottom line what we need is:
    • Something small, as in something you could hold in your hand.
    • Must have a line in.
    • Either a usb connection to a computer or a digital out.
  2. SNGX1275

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    This is about what I'm looking for:

    I don't really want to go with a voice recorder, because we are needing better quality than I think you can get with a voice recorder.

    Edit: I saw on cnet forums one guy was concerned that the R1 didn't have a mono mode. That reminded me, we need it to have a mono mode, the signal I'll be recording is in mono.
  3. PC_Nerd

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    I dont actually know, i posted something but i dont know how to delete it so i just edited it into this....
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