Recommended PC usage monitoring software?

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Feb 26, 2011
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  1. I'm looking for free software to monitor and track my PC application and web usage. Since I am tracking myself, there are no concerns about bypassing the software. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here are i few I am considering:

    Any thoughts on these or others are appreciated!

  2. mike1959

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  3. mrtraver

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    Thaks; I will definitely check that out!
  4. mike1959

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  5. damonlee

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    I know good monitoring software that you might be interested with I've been using this software for and it works well for me. It is also available in web base application it is called RescueTime. It also has different monitoring features like automated time tracking that allow which application , document, or website is actively being used and also it can monitor how long does a person spend time on that particular website. In this article it also discusses more about RescuTime and a good alternative to PC monitoring software. I hope this would help.
  6. Neil010

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    This is a good software. I myself have used it. You can download the trial version.

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