Recording with headset attached

By Kazi
Jan 23, 2009
  1. Hello

    I'm trying to record some songs (Please do not ask why)
    Whenever i try to record, it comes through the headphones which is normal.
    The problem now is when i record, Camtasia can't detect the mic has speakers or something
    So when i do audio record, it records NOTHING, ( i'm not speaking through mic)
    If i move the mic to my speakers, it doesn't record well and sometimes records nothing by static. If i use my original speaker settings (IDT Audio) it records nothing

    So i thought that if i disabled my headset, i would hear stuff through my speakers

    Now how do i disable my headset WITHOUT pulling off the plug.

    I looked through IDT panel everywhere and could not find a way to disconnect the headset.

    So how do i disable it without pulling the headset's plug off?

    If you can tell me a way to record without disabling the headset at all please tell me.
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