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Apr 2, 2012
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  1. Thanks,..I need recover some files from an external HD ,..I just try with the program GetDataBack it show all files but I can´t take them out , need a license and I haven´t , if you have any idea of programs what I can use to do this I´ll apreciate a lot .---GOD BLESS YOU
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  3. dawghunter

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    I tried Pareto Logic Data Recovery and then paid for the PRO version and the sucker keeps freezing up on me and when I cancel it it will not cancel out. Has run as long a a full day and still won't cancel. Their troubleshooter told me to use RECUVA. It keeps saying OUT OF MEMORY after 2 full days of scanning. Looking st Stellar Phoenix 4.2 as I type but am apprehensive of throwing more good money after bad. In the same boat you are and looking for answers too.
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    I would suggest increasing your paging file to 2 or 3 times the RAM size, and trying again with Recuva - time it, if it still stalls, try cancelling the scan manually a few minutes before it is due to run out of memory, it may still recover a lot of files. Failing that, maybe you could borrow another PC with loads of RAM? :)
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    I have used 'Recuva' a few times, with really good results. Scanning time was a few minutes on a 40 GB HD. It found and recovered .jpg and .avi and .mpg videos. A few could not be recovered but most were fine. Saved the files out to a 4GB flash drive.
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    OK folks, thanks. I have launched STELLAR PHOENIX 4.2. It has been running for a couple of days on a 1.5T Seagate goflex external, and when I quick-formatted it contained approximately 300 or so G of data. I had a copy from 2/19/2012 and back, but new stuff from 2/19 till 4/12 gone and that is what I am trying to recover. Anybody know about that green status bar above the scanning green bar? I assume this shows all scanning progress? Man, I feel stupid...duh...back up back up back up keyword: regularly

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