Recovery disc Packard bell

By k_logan45
Sep 18, 2005
  1. Hi every one. I'm really hoping that some one can help.
    My brother has a packard bell PC running windows XP. The problem is that the recovery disk is corrupted and he can't reload the software. Can anyone help...PLEASE, Pretty please with a big cherry on if you like (lol)
  2. Tekkie

    Tekkie TS Rookie

    You don't say which model of Packard Bell PC he is using. I have a Packard Bell I Media backup disk Which allows you to load XP from the hidden BACKUP partition. Would this be of use to you?
  3. Bucky

    Bucky TS Rookie

    Recovery Disk

    Way back when I did On Phone Tech Support, people would call with the same problem. (Corrupted or Non-Fucntioning Recovery CDS). At that time, the only way to obtain a new CD was to call or write to Packard Bell and for about $45 - $65 they would mail you a new one. Recovery cds are computer model specific.

    I would suggest purchasing a full blown copy of Windows XP and using the recovery cd as a drink coaster.
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