referenced memory erro

By jacobb
Nov 22, 2006
  1. I have read several threads on this forum about referenced memory errors and I still haven't figured out my problem, so here it is:

    It started yesterday, I have no idea from what. I recieve an error that says:

    "The instruction at "0x7c8edf9c" referenced memory at "0x7c8edf9c". The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the proram."

    Some things I have noticed:

    1) The two numbers are the same every time I get the error. I don't recall any other number/letter sequence besides this one.

    2) The error is always a could not be "written" one.

    3) I ran memtest for 3 passes and it didn't find anything.

    4) It happens randomly for all programs on my computer. It only occurs when I launch something, such as control panel or IE or firefox.

    5) Sometimes the error says notepad.exe - application error even though I haven't launched notepad in a month. Most of the errors come up as "dwwin.exe - Application Error"

    6) I am still able to use the programs despite the popup. For instance I recieved it when opening up firefox to view this forum, but I haven't clicked OK or Cancel yet so I could post this problem to you guys. Once I click ok the program will shut down or if I click cancel it goes into a VB debugger with garbage showing up.

    So, any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have scanned for viruses and spyware and haven't found anything. Memtest didn't find anything, so I am sort of stumped. I have used spybot search&destroy and I haven't noticed any unusual startup functions. Thanks again for any help.

    Edit: After I posted this I installed nero 7 and recieved a ton of popup errors, so I figured it may help to post them error:
    MSI starter - Program has a problem and needs to close
    Microsoft .NET Assembly Registration Utility - same
    NV4 Content.exe - Same
    Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor - same
    Run a DLL as an App - same, but I recieved two of these
    Nero v7.5.7.0 ML.exe - same
    dwwin.exe - Application Error - same message as originally posted with the same letter/number sequence
    Data Execution Prevention - to help protect your computer, windows has closed this program: Run a DLL as an App
    Data Execution Prevention - to help protect your computer, windows has closed this program: Windows installer

    If I click ok on the dwwin.exe error I recieve "dumprep.exe - Application Error: The instruction at..." and everything else is the same.
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    Holy crap.

    have you used the links in the web security thread/ sounds like you have a bug

    and you also need to let memtest run for at least an hour or two to get a better reading
  3. jacobb

    jacobb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, but I will look into that forum.

    I let the test run for two hours. I have 2 gigs of ram and I figured 3 passes would be enough to proove that its not a hardware error. If you think more passes are needed I can let it run for 5 or 6 hours.
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