Refresh Rate fix for Detonator 27.xx?

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How do you get rid of the ugly 60Hz limit when using 27.xx drivers? Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix doesn't recognise the drivers and RivaTuner's 60Hz Fix doesn't work either :confused:

I'm using Windows XP Pro with Detonator 27.42 (GeForce 3 Ti200).

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I tryed fixing it once by using DxDiag & entering a default refresh rate of 85 but it would still go down to 60. I know my monitor can do 85hz at 1024*768 :(
Here you'll find a d/l for 27.42 with "refresh rate fix" built in:

A manual FIX, so that Nvidia 27.42 WILL work with the said Refresh RateFix progy, can be found here:
h**p:// (copy/paste, then retrieve file)
It involves exchanging the re-edited inf file into the 27.42 driver release.

In case anyone cares, I found nvidia ver 26.53, which works fine with nvreffix (build 169), also produces the highest 3Dmark2001 scores, compared to ALL other Nvidia drivers released/tested so far. The 27.xx drivers, I've found to be slower, unstable & problematic, besides this nvreffix issue. (sys: WinXPpro, P4, GF3T500)

Eventually, a good stable 27.xx driver will emerge.

Also, the author of nvffix:
is working on a fix for his progy to work with the 27.xx series.
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