Reintalled Windows XP and my old files are now inaccessable

By DeepDarkBlue
Feb 14, 2010
  1. Due to irreparable problems with my OS, I had to reinstall Windows XP. I was able to access my old guest account's files without a problem, but my personal files on the password protected administrator account are deemed inaccessible. Nothing I try has allowed me to access the files. I know all of the information is still on my hard drive since I can see the space is still taken up but it will not let me do anything to the file. I can't copy it, view it, delete, it nothing.

    Can anyone please help me gain access to my old account files?
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    If taking ownership does not work, you could burn a CD of a small version of Linux, such as Ubuntu. Boot from it and it enables all read-write facilities over the Windows files.

    Somewhat more difficult is to download and burn a special CD called UBCD4Win snag with this for some people, it needs an original retail version of Windows on CD to create a non-crippled version which runs like, and looks like windows itself, but does not have the restrictions of 'real' windows. It is designed for delousing any windows of trojans/viruses, etc.
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