Remote worker fired for refusing to keep his webcam on wins unfair dismissal case


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Good luck getting a US company to recognise the verdict of a foreign court nevermind getting any money from them.
In fact, in "developed" countries, and even more so in the bloc of US allies, it is customary to execute court decisions (especially on such business nonsense) in other jurisdictions. So be sure - this company will be forced to pay under the Dutch enforcement order in the US if the victim's lawyers know how to work.

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In 2016, 52% of workers in the UK decided to vote in a manner that resulted in conditions that will allow their government (from 31 12 2023) to sanction, even promote, such (well I can't call it Draconian so I'll call it) Orwellian practices - score another one for progress I guess?
The UK is more socially backward than continental Europe. Just look at who their leaders have been lately.