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Feb 28, 2006
  1. First off, I personally do not use Outbreak or Outbreak Express. This problem is on a friend's computer. What has happened is that he got an offending eMail approximately 18MB in size and it has completely locked up outlook. I used mail2web to remove the offending eMail from the pop3 server but unfortunately there's a copy stuck in his inbox locally. When you launch Outbreak, the application locks up immediately and the CPU stays railed at 100%. I tried to open the pst file with notepad but he hasn't deleted an eMail ever from what I can tell. The pst file size is in excess of 1GB and I let notepad try to open if for 20 minutes before I gave up.

    Does anybody have the magic solution? I'd like to help this man out w/o wiping out his address book and any important saved eMails.

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    You can backup his Outlook functions using these methods HERE
    May be you can help him migrate over to Thunderbird for his mail client.
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    Well that's a nice idea and all making a backup but, Outbreak locks up immediately upon launch, which means there ain't no clicking the export button.
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    I don`t think either of of these is a "magic solution", but might give you something to try -

    BACKUP the original .pst before doing anything.

    1.Repairing a damaged .pst file -

    2.Create a new profile,re-install Outlook in new profile,import .pst file.
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    step 1 is to remove the offending eMail from the pop3 server using a 3rd party web-based mail client. I used This prevents Outbreak from getting a fresh copy of the offending SPAM when popping.

    step 2 is to launch Outbreak from a command prompt with the argument nopreview. This is simply done by clicking run and typing "outlook /nopreview" ( w/o the quotes). The crash was caused by the user leaving the preview window open by default and the offending eMail was crashing in an attempt to preview 18mb of garbly-goop. Once Outbreak was able to start up, I simply deleted the offending SPAM.

    I found the solution at

    I have convince my friend to 1, clean up his existing eMail folders and 2, make the leap to Thunderbird.
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