Removing Drivers with Recovery Console

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Nov 14, 2007
  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove drivers using the recovery console on the XP Pro disk? I have a Sigmatel Audio Driver which has made my computer unbootable, even in safe mode and I need to get rid of it. Can anyone give me pointers on getting rid of it?
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    You can use the "disable" command to disable drivers and services. Use "listsvc" to get a list of the services and drivers installed.
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    Thanks Nodsu, I think I got it working now.

    @N3051M: The funny thing is, I was doing a windows repair and that was what caused the problem. The Windows Installer was running at boot to complete the repair, but it kept giving me a message about unsigned drivers and told me to click ok. The problem was; it had just disabled my input devices to install their drivers, so I couldn't click ok, and the reinstall just sat there waiting for me to click with a disabled mouse.
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    you should always have a legacy keyboard or a ps/2 adaptor handy...

    learn generic keyboard keys:
    tab = move to next box/button/object. Adding shift button makes the selection go the other way
    esc = cancel (most of the time)
    f1 = help
    enter = enter (duh). same with arrows, and most other keys self explanitory.

    not really gonna be usefull since you've solved the problem, but knowledge in getting you out of future sticky situations maybe..
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    Unfortunately it disabled all input devices including my keyboard. I even dug out a PS/2 keyboard to try, but since the adapter was usb, it got disabled as well.

    Oh well, at least it works now, and I learned to uninstall all sound and video drivers before attempting a repair.
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