Removing Heatsink Fan

By masterking
Aug 17, 2006
  1. Hey guys!
    I would like to remove the heatsink fan off my Intel P4 2.8GHz but am having a problem, after pushing the 2 plastic levers, the top part loosen up but when I try to push the fan out, it doesn't move! I don't want to push too hard so I don't screw something up, so can anybody post some detailed steps on how to do this with the Intel P4 (2.8GHz) and possible an online guide with pictures? I read somewhere that you have to pry with the "fingers" there in order to release them but I do not understand what "fingers" are there!

    PLEASE HELP! :confused:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. tiedyejax

    tiedyejax TS Rookie

    Is it a socket 478 or LGA 775? If it's a socket 478 and a standard intel heatsink that came with the processor, it can be kind of hard, once you get the two little levers up and over, you have to disengage all four little clippy things that hold it onto the mobo support. Me, I usually take a screwdriver and VERY (I cannot stress this enough) carefully disengage them one at a time. You'll need like, 4 arms, they'll keep slipping back under the catch, but it is possible. Then, promptly get yourself to a computer store and get a new heatsink, one with no clippies or levers, good old fashioned screws are the best. I think my last 478 heatsink was a Zalman, great big monster looking thing, but it had two screws, and it was wonderful compared to those stupid intel heatsinks. Hope that helped! Sorry I don't have any pics.
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