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Feb 25, 2009
  1. What is the best program to fix or repair damaged mpeg file? I cannot open it in windows media player i get that the file is corrupted.
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  3. bloodblade

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    in my case it's not working,but tnx. (When i was trying to make boot usb stick for bios, program was making a boot device of my hard drive, also connected to usb, instead of usb stick) That Mpeg was on it.(H disk)
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    For generally playing damaged or incompletely downloaded videos, the best player is VLC, miles better than WMP. If VLC won't play it, nothing will. You have nothing to lose if you try it, or even keep it for the future.

  5. bloodblade

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    i try it but nothing..:(
  6. bobcat

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    You can also try VCDGear which is free and fast:

    Select mpeg -> mpeg, click the "Fix MPEG errors" box and see what it does.

    Bear in mind that in general, you can only edit out bad (corrupted) parts.

    You could try using Virtualdub mpeg2

    Load your mpeg 1/2 in Vdub mpeg2
    cut out the bad part and save the bad part as an uncompressed avi
    load the bad part in Vdub mpeg2 and see if any filters help correct the problem (avi is easier to edit/work with than mpeg 1/2)
    If you get the bad part looking better/corrected re-encode to the same specs as the original
    join the two parts back together.
  7. bloodblade

    bloodblade TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for help! I keep in mind these programs for some future actions but nothing helped me for this mpeg file.
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