Replace Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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Apr 17, 2006
  1. Hello.

    I've a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M 7400 Notebook, with Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter. I want to replace this with Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2200 BG Adapter.

    Please advise if I can do that myself, and if yes, how to open the laptop, and where to find the adapter in there to replace.

  2. KingCody

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    Hi, welcome to TechSpot

    Since nobody has answered this thread, i will give a generic how-to-guide...
    i have no experience with a fujitsu, but if it's like most laptops, there will be an access panel on the bottom of the case. it's usually a just 1 screw then it pulls up and out which will give you access to your mini PCI card.

    mini-PCI cards lock in similar to laptop RAM sticks, there will be 2 locking tabs toward the top of the card, release them both at the same time and the card should "pop" up, then simply pull it out. it will be the opposite procedure to instal the new one

    hope this helps... good luck :)
  3. mohitgrover

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    Thanks KingCody for your reply.

    There are 3 of them on the underside.. 1 for HDD, 2nd for Battery, and 3rd for RAM. There is none other... does that mean I have to open the entire back panel of my laptop to locate the Mini PCI slot??

    Thanks again, and appreciate your help.

  4. KingCody

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  5. mohitgrover

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  6. KingCody

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    from the Fujitsu site (from the link you provided), the data sheet says:
    keyword there being "integrated". Usually integrated means that it's built into the board.

    and to further back this up, the data sheet also says:
    if the laptop had a mini-PCI slot, then it should be listed there, but there isn't one.

    I am assuming that you want to replace it so that your laptop will support wireless G (802.11g). Since it appears that you're laptop does not have a mini-PCI expansion slot, you will have to get a PC card or a USB adapter. I use a PC card for my laptop, it only sticks out about 1cm. USB dongles stick out further and can break off easily if you're not careful.
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