Replaced Pow. Supp. from a 250W to a 420W

By sketchy1
Oct 11, 2006
  1. when I turned it on for the first time it gave me the bluescreen of death and shut off. When turned back on it goes into a perpetual rebooting

    I'm not sure of the exact moment in the botting sequence in which it goes to the blue screen seeing that my roomate took it upon himself to open my mail and replace the supplies making all this information heresay. None-the-less I have a AMD 950Mhz not sure of motherboard brand. If needed I'll figure anything out...Thank you very much
  2. Rick

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    Unless the PSU is bad, it can't really be the PSU.

    I'd look at other components. Is everything connected properly and tightly, like your CPU fan?

    Even if they don't look loose, try reseating items such as memory, IDE cables, PCI cards, video card etc... It may just be a half-connected device that was bumped a bit during the PSU install.

    Also, is it possible a screw fell behind the system board? Check thoroughly. :)
  3. sketchy1

    sketchy1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i also took my pc133 memory out and tried some pc2700 in the DDR slots also available on my mobo. it was running fine and then it reboot after a BSOD, and thus has been in a reboot cycle every time i try to turn it on.

    i put the old memory back in and took the 2700 out, and same thing. i tried isolating a single memory module and it still does it. there are no screws loose or anything like that.

    what else could cause a BSOD on bootup that you can't bypass like this?
  4. Rick

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    Try resetting the CMOS. Your board may be 'confused' after the memory switch. You can clear the CMOS by removing the silver lithium battery or moving the Clear CMOS jumper over 1 pin and putting it back.
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