Replacing a motherboard eMachine

By vegasgmc
Feb 13, 2005
  1. I have a friend with an eMachine and it needs a new motherboard. The one from eMachine, FIC AM37, is $140 but I can get an MSI board with the same chipset for $45. But I dont know if the restore disks will still work with a different brand board. I know some disks are keyed to a file on the hard drive and some to the motherboard.
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    If the motherboard will work for 45, then get it. I know some computers have problems like you said when replacing the mobo, but even if It doesn't work, you can get oem xp for $92 and the mobo for $45 and you're still less than the "correct" mobo, and then you have the "real" version of xp, not the limited manufacturer's edition. Be sure to backup BEFORE you begin anything (reinstalling windows erases everything). If your going to replace the mobo, you should consider getting a more upgradeable motherboard than what you have. I think this motherboard would work with your existing components, while upgrading to dual channel memory availability, agp8x, etc. About $50
    Note that this motherboard requires an agp card to run a monitor(no built in graphics).
    Basically your decision depends on your level of experience. If you want this to be easy, get the 140 mobo, if you want to try to save money get the 45 mobo, see if it works with your windows, and if it doesn't then buy and install the oem full version. Or you can buy the mobo I suggested and have some better features than your original motherboard to ease future upgradeability. This would be the same procedure as the 45 mobo. You try it, if it doesn't work buy oem xp and install it.
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