Replacing hard drive on Pentium 4

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May 28, 2011
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  1. Ok i was stupid enough to think i could do this and now relising im way outta my league lol.

    Bought a computer which person said had a hard drive issue, so i took out the old hard drive without testing the pc and replaced it with a new western digital blue WD5000AAKX 500gb hard drive. The computer is an old pentium 4 2gb ram. There is power to the machine, but wont boot up, only beeps continously and theres a flashing blue light coming from the motherboard area (havent investigate were). I tried to eject the disk drive to put a cd in it it wont eject but makes a noise. I get nothing on screen at all. Before im asked yes all leads are connected, sata & power. Im not a computer wiz and watched a video on utube showing how to replace, thinkin is that all, i can do that!! cough cough.

    Really need someones help on this. Thanks ahead!!!
  2. Zen

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    Sounds like to me you got your BIOS screaming at you for changing it's known configuration! This is a common thing on real old computers, their BIOS doesn't like un-expected changes. I think this is just a mire fact of "resetting" your old BIOS and then maybe it will play nice.

    We might be able to help, but more than likely we are going to require some more information form you.

    1. What brand of computer are we talking about?
    2. What is it's motherboard model #?
    3. What version or company of BIOS are you playing with (BIOS Launch or Splash screen will answer)!

    Just give us some spec's and I'm sure an answer will be coming your way! To me it sounds like your BIOS needs to be "reset", this normally is done via a jumper, need to know your info as so we or I can know where to guide you.
  3. Lornick

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    Cant start up computer to find out information sorry, seller said it was a Tower Up, but information i can find is the intel core processor (letters are too small for me to read) Also motherboard only thing i can read is a big F and a circle simple after it bunch of letters i cant read there too small but i can read the last 4 digits 7060, BIOS i have no idea cant boot it to find out.

    So sorry but this is all the information i have :S and thank you for helping
  4. Lornick

    Lornick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, finally got this computer starting seems the problem was my cd rom drive :S, i replaced it with a new one. I got the XP disc to load up no problem but it cannot detect the sata hard drive at all. Is this a setting in BIOS, in regards to jump settings, on the wd website states that no jump settings are required, is this correct? If not what jump setting to i put it to, went to the wd site in regards to this and quite frankly, didnt help at all.
  5. Lornick

    Lornick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmm not sure whats happening but when i reply to this thread it creates a new thread for some reason appologise to everyone, but sent a message to the website to let them know whats happening, all fingers crossing and it doesnt do it again.

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