Replacing Video Card

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Is there an in-depth, with pictures, guide to replacing your existing video card? Whats the best guide for a person who knows technology, but still needs some guidance to replace his existing video card?


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not to sure if there is.. but, replacing a video card is probably 1 of the most easiest thing to do with a computer ( i would personally say), and wud happily make a quick little guide (taking out my current then putting it back in) if any1 would like this (thats if there isnt already 1)


(make sure computer is on before you start and preferablely you have anti-static mats---althought i never personally use this gear---)
step1.remove plugs and things out of the back of it...

step2. unscrew the old card from the back of your computer(newer computers use an easy de-attachable system)

step 3. pull out(being gentle and watching for other components)

step4. open new gpu(video) card

step5. find drivers and the card out of the box, place drivers to 1 side
SLI1. insert your 2 (matching) video cards in to the 2 designated slots.
SLI2. insert the screw/clip to secure them in place.
SLI3. connect them together using the provided SLI connector.(should go on the video card towards the back of the case-note you should beable to see 2 right sized gold fingers)
SLI4. start computer and install drivers
SLI5. (nvidia go on control panel then find.. nvidia control panel, then find the SLI enabeler (cant remember where as i currrently have 2 screens, tv + monitor) -----THANKS TO TECHSPOT TEAM-----
SLI6. then you should be ready to go extreme!!!!!!! =]

step 6. place video card in your old slot (make sure its the right speed for your new card)--note this is the time to clear out any dust from round the area--

step7.put the screw/clip back on-to the back.

step8. turn computer on and install drivers

step9. GO OWN SOME NO0BS! xD


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It's very easy to install a video card:

1- Before you install the new card, remove the old video drivers. Uninstall them from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Also, (just to be on the safe side), use DRIVER CLEANER to remove any remaining driver files.
Also, download the newest drivers for your new card from ATI or nVidia.

2.- Open up the PC, remove the old video card (it usually has a single screw), and carefully install the new one. Depending on the card, it may require a power connector. Check if yours needs that connector. (It can be a 4-pin molex connector, a Floppy power connector, or a PCI-Express one)

3.- Turn on your PC, check if your card's fan is working (if it has one), and proceed to install the drivers you've downloaded.

3.- Enjoy it! :)


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Thank you

Thank you for putting time into writing these guides for me! Ill follow them, and hopefully be successful:).
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