Report: Nvidia is cutting RTX 2060 supply to increase production of the RTX 3000 series


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What just happened? Nvidia is reportedly set to prioritize production of its latest graphics cards at the expense of an older model. In this case, supply of the RTX 2060 will be cut so the company can focus on its RTX 3000 series.

As reported by ITHome (via VideoCardz), a post from Board Channel forums, which are closed forums for distributors and board partners within the industry, reveals that Nvidia has sent out an internal notice to board partners that it will be halving supply of RTX 2060 chips starting from this month.

The strategy appears to be a U-turn by Nvidia after in February saying it would be releasing more stock of the RTX 2060 GPU, along with the Pascal-based GTX 1050 Ti GPU, as a response to the graphics card shortages. It pulled the same move with the GTX 1650 a couple of months later.

The GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1650, and RTX 2060 occupy the second, third and fourth spots, respectively, on the latest Steam survey, with the GTX 1650 seeing the most significant gains among Steam users for the second month in a row.

While TSMC makes the TU106 in the RTX 2060, GPUs in the consumer RTX 3000 series are made by Samsung. However, the production capacity mentioned here likely refers to the entire supply chain, including other components.

Just how much difference the move will make to the availability of the RTX 3000 series remains to be seen. Surprisingly, the RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 saw the joint-largest gains alongside the GTX 1650 in last month's Steam hardware survey, so some people must be buying the newest cards, even if they are from eBay.

Shifting production priorities in the face of the global chip shortage is something AMD has also done, albeit with CPUs. The company admitted it is focusing on its flagship processors over lower-end offerings to, hopefully, improve supply.

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Eth miners around the world will be trilled I'm sure.

On a more serious note I hope this leads to at least an announcement of the 3050 for desktops since you know, we might actually be available to buy one for under 500 USD which is tremendously sad news at this point but those are the breaks.



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They should have stopped building the entire 2000 series and focused on mass production of the 3070 to replace them all.

The 3070 was actually a damn good product considering how it gave us a 2080Ti for half the price.


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Of course they would.

They can already charge more for each 30 series, why wouldn't they steer their little herd towards more expensive cr@p?


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They should have stopped building the entire 2000 series and focused on mass production of the 3070 to replace them all.

The 3070 was actually a damn good product considering how it gave us a 2080Ti for half the price.
Add the 3060 ti also. It is probably the best bang for your buck gpu at the MSRP price of $400. They should have dedicated 80% production for those imo.

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Couldn't care less about Ampere or RDNA2 for that matter. I will see if we can actually buy next gen cards before giving two figs. Having said that RDNA3 is shaping up to be huge, and well worth skipping RDNA2. Navi 31 will deliver at a bare minimum 60% performance increase, more likely 80%+, have much better RT performance and FSR hardware acceleration, while still delivering much improved efficiency. I think Lovelace will struggle if it's for desktops at all. It will take Hopper to take up the fight IMO.

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I'm expecting to see a 6GB 3060 turn up.

Why? They had to go with 12GB when they realised how good the 6700 series would be. They honestly assumed Ampere would just kill RDNA2 and why they went with lame 8GB on 3070 and 10GB on 3080. They've completely bjorked their product segmentation and have been caught off guard due to arrogance. Having the 3060 ship with more memory than the Ti is just one of their many imbecilic decisions.


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The 20 series was canned long ago. Then brought back. That didn't help anything. I've still never seen a 2060 back in retail stores. Sure online but online has never really been a issue, price is.

30 series will likely have various issues with supply for its lifespan.


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