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By vangrat ยท 7 replies
Oct 27, 2010
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  1. I noticed that in the guides area, there is no listing for tablet PCs. With the current explosion in this area of computing I believe this would be an increasingly relevant area to cover. As such, I am putting out a general request for a Tablet Buying Guide. If this is something that is in the works, then I give a +1 to this idea. :)
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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  3. vangrat

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    I am thinking more future oriented. Yes, I can Google everything under the sun. But I happen to like the Techspot articles. As such, having reviews from them would be quite nice. This is not to say that I am an ignoramus that cannot find my way around the intertubes. So although everyone is entitled to their opinion, your opinion does not help much in this case hk. Thanks all the same.
  4. Julio Franco

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    Thanks for your suggestion vangrat. Modern tablets are expected to become the next big thing, but as of right now you have the iPad and nothing else.

    As more worthwhile products come to market we will certainly have a guide dedicated to it or possibly have it integrated to our laptop buying guide.
  5. Archean

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    They may become next 'to get' gadget, but not yet. IMO there is not much place in work place for these things for foreseeable future except may be for some sort of presentation related activities. In the living rooms, it will depend on the quality of experience respective offerings may bring to the users.
  6. vangrat

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    On the contrary Archean, I work in IT and I see a huge benefit for these types of devices in the corporate sector. A pad is exactly what most execs want. They can have their computers at their desks, but carry a light weight touch based device to all of their meetings. I know that the execs where I work are screaming out the wazoo about these things. We have been holding them back with the simple promise that bigger and better were just around the corner, and they are.
  7. Archean

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    My comment implies that (when I referred to presentations type of stuff) that they may be useful for light work but nothing serious, so few things you may add are email and may be some surfing etc. But to let you know on something, I know several examples here where several senior executives simply returned their touch phone devices because ...... they don't like the feel 'soft' keyboards (I'd say they couldn't get the hang of it ;) ). I rarely like to text on my cell, but even I don't bother with the cramped stupid soft keyboards despite having worked in IT for almost 15-16 years. And remember these devices will need to have reasonably smaller screens say 10/11" +/- range (to remain light/portable) so developing a compelling qualitatively better experience in such areas is always a challenge.
  8. vangrat

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    The iPad and Possibly even the Galaxy Tab are definitely not enterprise hardware. However, the new Blackberry tablet looks to be the thing of corporate dreams. Also, the HP Slate may be a complete replacement for more advanced users, so long as there is some sort of docking station tie in for sit down desk use.

    As for "soft keys," I can understand this from past iterations through crappy integration. Currently, the software keyboard offered by iPad and Android are excellent. Blackberry may even follow suit. Windows....well, we may have to wait for some sort of gui overlay for touch based devices built on top of windows.

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