Rest CMOS on DELL Insiron 6000 (low profile)

By Prof.
Mar 22, 2007
  1. Howdy Folks,

    How do I reset the CMOS on a DELL Inspiron 6000 (low profile - 15.4 lcd screen) (DST: DBM0D81) and where do I find that chip? any scematics? I have been unable to find this info on the web. DELL site was useless. Already have the download for the service tag restorer, & am ready to wipe drive once CMOS is gone, thanks.

    BTW: Owned my DELL for more than a year and been able to use it all of 4 days, due to CMOS corruption apparently Loaded by DELL before delivery. DELL has been no help!! Its Apple next time... (using a HP for this post)

    Thanks for any help or assistance you can provide. Happy Trails...
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