Rest in peace AMD,,

By Raiders
Sep 24, 2004
  1. Just a little story bout my Athlon.
    I was playing UT2004 for like 2 hours and it froze up tight,,like a frogs butt. i never got any temp warnings at all(set @ 60 degrees).
    i had to cold boot my system but my system had nothing to do with it LOL.thinking my vidio card was toast,,i proved it out,,still no vidio on post. I took it to a freind that had spare DDR thinking that was the prob,,,,nope. now im thinking my MOBO was toast. GREAT!!
    my hard drive spinns up,cd-rom lights blink,all fans spin up,,But,,,
    i never looked at my D-Bracket i have,,,My Athlon had a stroke.
    it seems im a victom of sercomstance,,i never OC'd it.
    Its dead and on its way back to AMD, DOA for RMA. now im using my back-up pc a 400mhz PII 128meg. ahhhh crap LOL.
    no gaming for me .

    hope yall enjoyed my little story
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