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Sep 19, 2008
  1. In the past, when using Office 2003, I lost everything I had backed up, per M$ back up tool and procedure. I kept getting a corrupt error and had to accept the fact that I lost stuff. Now I'm using Office 2007 and have backed up with backup tool. Now I have pst files backed, does anyone have recent experience with the restore process within Office 2007? Is it reliable and not bite me in the ^@!? Is there an alternative, reliable method if M$s way isn't? Or should I follow this older post

    I'd appreciate any and all information

    thank you
  2. Julio Franco

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    I have never dealt with complete Office 2007 backups but only those PST backups generated by Outlook for all email information and it works like a charm every time I want to import back my inbox and several email folders. From Outlook you just go to File > Import/Export and then select from a PST file.
  3. StuCazz

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    Thank you, I should of been more clear. I was asking about Outlook. I'm glad to hear you say that it's work well. I just don't want to be burned again.

    Thanks for your response

  4. jobeard

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    I would recommend Archiving Old data (say anything older than 01/2008),
    and then exporting Email and Calendar data separately :)
  5. StuCazz

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    I thought archiving, deleted older emails/info?

    Are you saying create a different PST for all those, in case the one PST doesn't work? From my understanding the default PST file (Outlook.pst), has everything on it (emails, account, addresses/contacts all folder, default or created. Is that in deed correct? Or do I need to create a seperate PST for each, as you mentioned?

    thanks again
  6. jobeard

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    Concepts are
    • discard OLD stuff to reduce the PST size
    • export data by usage to make it easier to control or reimport
    As the PST grows, you can easily get into problems, so why let it 'hit the fan'?
  7. StuCazz

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    ok, now I have no idea if I even have a correct PST file.

    What I was doing to get rid of older stuff, was to get rid of no longer needed mail, clear out deleted files folder as well as sent folder, then I would compress, which is what I thought was correct? Knowing I have no clue what I did, do you have any suggestions for me, please? Should I create new PST file for what I want backed up? Could you tell me how archiving works?

    Thank you for any and all your help, my mind is rotting

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