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Hello, so I'm a big fan of Hardware Unboxed and Techspot figure I should finally make an account here. I love being able to watch the video then follow up on the reviews to see the charts and main points later. Not entirely sure how both are affiliated besides the obvious staff but either way it's great.

So I was curious in the gaming benchmark section of the reviews if it would be possible to indicate somewhere near the chart or by the title of the game etc. where it would indicate if the game is CPU or GPU Intensive. Some games it's obvious other games no idea. I have no idea why reviewers don't indicate this. Just something small but I feel like it would be great to know.

Thanks for the hard work.

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Thanks for your feedback and kind comments. We go way back with Steve (and Tim), he runs HUB independently but he shares his work in written form for TechSpot as we were doing reviews for a decade or so before he started making videos. Some readers/viewers like you get to see the content on both formats and can choose what you prefer at any given moment.

I will pass on your comment to the team. We don't indicate this in the charts I have to imagine because it will depend on what we are testing for and based on that we tweak resolution, high/mid/low settings, other visual features, etc., so instead this is usually commented on alongside the game notes when it makes sense to do so. The same game won't necessarily be CPU/GPU intensive all the time.


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Thanks for responding and the hard work. I appreciate that they actually do both cpu and gpu intensive games when doing CPU reviews. Unlike some reviewers...