Rid Of Music In Background?

Oct 12, 2010
  1. I currently have music that plays in the background while seeing no windows open what so ever. I have no idea where this music is coming 4rm.
    You should see an attachment of my log-file underneath. Please! if anyone can help with this, I would more than appreciate it.

    Same problem with this person(s):


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    Nevermind, as I was able to fix the problem. I'm a music producer so therefore have an M-Audio Interface(soundcard). I had 1st searched "audio" in the 'windows start menu" and clicked on "find and fix audio playback problems" - accept whatever problems show up(if you think it's necessary). - Basically, I had to make sure that my speakers were my 'default device' - as long as your audio interface is set to ready(enabled), it's all good!

    Look on your system tray and right click the volume icon and select "playback devices" to get the devices.
    Hope this helps someone...
  3. Bobbye

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    Thank you for the update. Glad you found the problem.
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