Riddick Butcher Bay wont run

By matador7
Nov 10, 2009
  1. so i just bought the game. yeah, i know - a little late.
    got the thing loaded and it just sits.
    if i launch from either the start-up menu or from the CD, it runs, shows the "RIDDICK" box logo, then inverts my screen, switches to 800x600 and then just sits. the disk and HD stop spinning. everything just locks, though the pointer will still move. need to do a hard reboot to move on. any ideas?

    System info:
    Dell Inspiron E1705
    Duo core 2.0 ghz T7200
    1.99 BG RAM
    Clock Speed 998 mhz
    120 gb memory - 40 gb used
    video adapter is movile intel 945GM express chipset w/ 224 mb

    while the computer is only 2 years old, the game is older. i wouldnt think that it couldnt manage this game - appears to meet the requirements.

    help me, obi wan. you're my only hope.
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