RIM isn't unveiling new BlackBerry 10 hardware at BlackBerry World

Shawn Knight

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The annual BlackBerry World conference is set to kick off tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. The three-day event is used to showcase the latest and greatest from RIM, but if you...

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Give em a year guys.
Plus as I said before, BB is just one part of RIM. if anything it would be RIP BB...

Really? What's the other part? Have they started licensing their Stupid Executive(tm) technology?


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All RIM has to do is innovate. Come out with something better then Android or Apple. Its not that difficult for them to do a few focus groups and just make a product that ppl will buy. They did it once. I'm fairly sure they can do it again.


So you are hurt . Why don't you pick a decent brand to defend, not some bunch of 'non-creative' losers ....