RivaTuner and Windows 7 x64

By GameJunkie72792
Dec 20, 2009
  1. No matter what I do, I cant get the driver for rivatuner to work.

    I have tried everything to get it to load but even with driver signing disabled it still says that Windows requires a signed driver.

    Literally every command i could come up with in command prompt, all of my old Vista tricks, and some i found by googleing do not work.

    I even tried the option you select when you press F8 at boot to disable driver checks, that didnt work.

    And after RIvaTuner loads it asks if it wants me to allow it to disable the driver signing, i choose yes and that doesnt even work.

    It seems like im the only one with said problem, i cant find a solution anywhere.

    Is there something im missing here? I mean this is simple simple stuff, i never thought i would get stuck with something so stupid as driver signing, this is the first one ive had problems with since running 7, which has been since the first RC...

    Id really love to get my clocks back up to where i had them before in vista...
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