Room-Mates Hacking My Comp?


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I live in a house with 6 other people using the same wifi. I have been noticing some strange activity on my linux and Win10 computers. shrared folders, users and groups I dont recognize and other troubling activity.

Is there something I can do to secure my connection even though we all use the same router/wifi?

We live next to a universiry and a couple of the roomates are taking computer enginnering courses, so im fairly confident its someone in this household messing with me


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For Windows 10:
  1. net user administrator /active:yes, and press Enter to run it.
  2. be sure to set a NEW password for this account -- see
  3. Now change YOUR login password
  4. Remove Sharing on all folders where it exists
  5. Then disable File & Print sharing -- see
  6. Disable Remote Desktop -- see

For your Linux:
  1. change the root password
  2. change all user account logins

NEVER login to Linux as root. Instead, learn to use "su" or "sudo"