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Mar 28, 2009
  1. I am having problems and I it's driving me crazy. Something went wrong and I can not use my laptop to go online at home anymore. I have reset the router and installed it again but when i set my desktop on the network that the router uses the desktop will go offline. Something happens and I can't access the internet on the desktop of laptop. However if I disable the network I can go online using the desktop. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Make sure that your computers dont have the same name or IP address. Also make sure you have the latest FIRMWARE upgrade for your router.
  3. lynt82

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    No idea what Firmware is but the computers don't have the same name.
  4. Bluemouse

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    Do they have the same MAC address?

    Also, on your computers, go to "Network Connections (control panel)", click on your internet adapter -> Properties -> TCP/IP (bottom) -> Properties and make sure that you don't have static ip's set.

    Either change one of the ip's (192.168.0.XXX by default) or set them to be automatic.

    Also, in your router configuration, make sure that you aren't giving the same static IP to both comptuers, though it really shouldn't let you do that...
  5. Phoneman

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    You don't say but I assume the machine won't go on line anywhere you plug in or try a wireless connection.
    If you cant get on line with the laptop at another location I think you have a bug stopping your connection.
    Try resetting your system by doing a system restore to a time prior to the failure. Scan for bugs and it should be ok. I am seeing this more and more all of the time. I don't see the joy in what these bug writers do but it is a problem for sure.
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