Rumor: Apple TV refresh, 1080p iTunes Store to join iPad 3 announcement


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Apple TV requires a separate box? Why? netflix and Hulu are built into Blu-ray and PS3 etc, and if Apple has a competing service we'd need to buy another box? I hope Apple or Google (or somebody) provides a decent internet TV package, but don't make us buy another box.


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Finally, a 1080p Box, i can't believe the last one didn't have the ability to output 1080p...


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This would be the first time they're selling a software product.

I understand though... they didn't get to be the biggest tech company in the world by selling you one thing, when they could force you to buy two at twice the cost.


was thinking about getting this friend has one jailbroken amount of content was huge


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I looked for Apple TV last Christmas season but was told you'd have to visit and Apple Store for them. It was at Best Buy i think.