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Run Windows 8 commitment-free in a virtual machine

By Julio Franco · 54 replies
Mar 1, 2012
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  1. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 887   +437

    If ANYONE knows what partitioning is, it absolutely will not overwrite your previous installation. Windows 8 even supports dual-booting so that it's practically hassle free. This even supports the quick launch features with Windows 8...
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,313   +100

    @m4a4: Nobody said dual booting would overwrite anything.

    Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone.
  3. same here did all the proper steps but get a error 5 seconds into installation.
  4. So I install Windows 8. There's no start button. How do I launch paint?
  5. Followed instructions, Awesome!

    But I can't get my 1366x768 resolution to appear, even though I already installed virtual box additions and the new ati catalyst for windows 8 consumer preview. Other than that, everything else is great.
  6. @Guest above, vbox video driver does not support win8 cp.

    To set your resolution close virtualbox, open .vbox file, looks for ExtraData section and add a string custom video mode:

    <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="1366x768x32"/>
  7. Try one of the other solutions. As you might have found by now, changing the chipset to ICH9 causes W8 to hang periodically.
  8. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 887   +437

    Go into the Metro and start typing "paint". It will automatically start a search. If you right click on paint you will also get options to pin it somewhere
  9. You probably don't have enough memory allocated
  10. Wow, I am a Windows Sys Admin, and an ex-web developer. I consider myself a technical person. The UI was very un-intuitive, and somewhat cumbersome. Some experimental UI's just seem natural on first touch, this is clearly not one of them.

    I see a sharp learning curve coming for many people. IMHO this new version will have no more adoption than Vista, and I see the tomatoes flying on M$ from every corner (except the fanboys of course).
    I also doubt enterprise users will adopt this, I mean this looks just unserious and unproductive.

    Maybe it's just the beta, but I doubt much will change. Win 7 beta was very good, this one is just awkward.

    Just get Bill back in the office...
  11. jmjsquared

    jmjsquared TS Booster Posts: 145

    Nice one, Matthew. If Mark Twain were tech-blogging today, he would be as informative and user-friendly as this article is.

    Using VMWare Workstation and Virtual PC, as Guest #1 advises, I find creating the virtual machine and only later installing the OS works where the one-shot deal often fails. Disabling Hardware Virtualization also avoids conflicts that cause installation to fail, especially when running more than one virtualized machine on the same hardware.

    I've virtually-installed Windows 8 DP and CP on Windows 7 hosts on dual core machines using just one core and notice a lag in performance that, for playing-around purposes, is very acceptable.

    Prediction: Final release will include the ability to effortlessly toggle back-and-forth between a classic Start Menu/Desktop and the new Metro-cious UI.
  12. I have 2 hard drives in my PC; one for Windows 7 and the other for storage/installs/games. I just partitioned my Windows 7 drive and installed Windows 8 on it and dual booted. Worked fine with no problems. I've since deleted the Windows 8 partition though.

    Windows 8 ran fine with no problems, but it just felt like Windows 7 with a different Start menu. There was nothing really different in terms of doing the same things as I normally do on Windows 7, aside from having to open a huge full screen menu to get to anything.

    I'm sure there are behind the scenes changes that effect performance. Windows 8 "felt" smoother and faster, but I'm not sure if that's just because I didn't have much installed on it. I did some coding in Visual Studio, played some Battlefield 3, and watched some TV in Windows Media Center. It was the exact same experience as on Windows 7, even Windows Media Center was exactly the same.

    If it's the same when the full version comes around, I may skip Windows 8 and wait for the next version. There's not enough changes to justify the price, which no doubt will be expensive.
  13. Thanks, that resolved my issue!
  14. hello guys, i'm having this problem. anyone can try to help me?

    Failed to open the CD/DVD image C:\Users\ASUS\Downloads\Windows8-ConsumerPreview-64bit-English.iso.

    Could not get the storage format of the medium 'C:\Users\ASUS\Downloads\Windows8-ConsumerPreview-64bit-English.iso' (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

    Result Code: VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)
    Component: Medium
    Interface: IMedium {53f9cc0c-e0fd-40a5-a404-a7a5272082cd}
    Callee: IVirtualBox {c28be65f-1a8f-43b4-81f1-eb60cb516e66}
  15. You can also install it into a virtual hard drive (.VHD), and dual boot that way.
    Google "boot Windows 8 vhd"
  16. On the Start Screen, type "Paint". Literally start typing on the Start Screen!
  17. This new start screen is NOT GOOD. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5 and this start screen feels like my cellphone with the lack of touch...really awkward in other words. Also the implementation of the menu system of the later Office suites into the Explorer is really bad. I usually like new stuff but this I really wont be using...
  18. avoidz

    avoidz TS Guru Posts: 460   +55

    Installed this Consumer Preview and hated the Metro UI. It's built for swiping with fingers not the accuracy and actions of a mouse. Really awkward to use and find anything (had to google to find out how to close anything). Too basic for serious users.
  19. DAOWAce

    DAOWAce TS Booster Posts: 261   +39

    I was asking this when I tried the beta for Windows 7.

    Needless to say, it had the same answer: You don't.

    This is why I still use Vista, even though Seven Classic Start exists, all the other pointless UI changes make me stay away from 7 (especially ClearType being forced on)
  20. Hey guys, i have a problem installing this.

    After the system restarts during installation, the installation does not continue and makes me start it again.

    Any help?
  21. avoidz

    avoidz TS Guru Posts: 460   +55

    And don't get me started on Windows Explorer and the Ribbon...
  22. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    Does anyone know how to make it use my full screen size... I even tried adding in a customeVideo setting in the command line and it did not work.

    I have a Nvidia graphics card with at least 1G of video mem, and I gave the virtual machine 4G of Ram... it only will take up a portion of my 1080 screen :(
  23. Use the VirtualBox config manager to “enable PAE/NX” when setting up the Windows 8 virtual environment.

  24. Mantrhax

    Mantrhax TS Rookie Posts: 36

    Too bad that windows 8 is already a fail

    windows 8 = Windows me
  25. penn919

    penn919 TS Booster Posts: 197   +43

    It's something nice to know, but I have no use for this really.

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