Runescape Help please

By DooDa
Jul 7, 2008
  1. im new with this site and not all that good with computer but i play runescape private servers.

    i was playing Boratscape(RS priv. server) and i decided to go to bed. i turned on the computer the next day to play Boratscape and i noticed it was loading slowly i logged on and i lagged hardcore. i was confused because it was running perfectly the night before ( lagg free). i went to and verified that i have java and it said i was up2date and everything. i even de-fragmented my computer and did diskcleanup but nothing helped. IDK what is going on here, because my computer runs runescape lag-free, but now its very slow and loads very slow.

    please help me im begging you

    as i said b4 iam not good with computer but i think this is my type of computer-

    HP Pavilion Slimline s7620n PC im not sure.

    but if your have any idea how to fix this lagg please i beg you...HELP!.
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