S/PDIF out on Terratec EWX 2496 -no red light

By Cams
Jul 13, 2006
  1. I've spent an entire week inside my PC trying to recover my data after Partition Magic hosed my partition table. Imagine my delight this afternoon when I finally restored the last partition and got ALL my data back!

    Now, however, it seems that my soundcard has somehow become faulty in the process. It never rains but it pours.

    It's a Terratec EWX 2496 so fairly old but I use it a lot for recording via an external ADC. I also feed the audio back out to the DAC via optical S/PDIF but it's not working. I figure there should be a red glow showing through the optical out port on the soundcard, would that be right? Well, that's not there. The card shows up in Device Manager as having no issues, and it does work if I plug my monitors directly into the soundcard, but no digital out.

    Any suggestions? I'm on the second to last driver version (the latest caused issues on my XP Pro SP2 rig).

    Thanks in advance,
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