S.T.A.L.K.E.R Nvidea 7300le issues

By DvAte
May 23, 2007
  1. Hey guys wanna save you some time...........Took me the best part of two days or so to work this one out.

    Have you seen those acid trippy skies where its all yellow or just plain trails... Ive been on so many forums and found such bad advice, and as a result had to format and put un nvidea stuff where it shouldnt be...... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not install the forceware beta drivers for XP. It dont work. Well it does but only in window mode.. Also Z-TWEEK. From 3d guru. Dont touch it!!!! WITH A BARGE POLE. As I found to my cost the only solution.... Get an ATI card or better Nvidea card. I had my fingers burnt on this one but my god ATI Radeon GECUBE X1300!!!! Miniumm outlay cash wise max fun!! I can see it all and my god, as an FPS fan...... Im well..... lost for words. Great game!!! NVDIA SORT IT OUT!!!! Tells us whats going on!!!! My system aint that hot........

    Love & Pills

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