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By hobo_man
Nov 26, 2005
  1. Hi, I have a problem with accessing safe mode. Whenever I start up my computer, I go to the boot menu where you can select what to do. I highlight safe mode, press enter and I'm in. But on the log on screen for safe mode, it freezes for like 5 seconds and restarts the computer automatically so I can't even do anything. Help? Thanks. (Windows Xp Pro User)
  2. ehoag

    ehoag TS Rookie

    At the menu where you choose to go to Safe Mode, there is sometimes an option 'Disable automatic reboot on failure' or something like that. You could try that. If you can actually boot, go to run-> msconfig (i think!) and you can click the box that says 'automatically reboot on error' or something.
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