Samsung apologizes for worrying Galaxy users with weird "1" notification


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Social media was flooded with messages from Samsung users confused by the notification. As the name suggests, the Find My Mobile app is used to locate a lost Samsung device. It can also unlock a phone or tablet, back up data to Samsung Cloud, delete data from a device, and block access to Samsung Pay.

It appears that any Samsung device with the Find My Mobile app installed was affected, from the recently announced Galaxy S20 and Z Flip to the company’s line of tablets. Tapping on the alert did nothing other than close it.

Samsung was quick to assure bewildered users that they had nothing to worry about. The firm tweeted that the notification was a message sent unintentionally during internal testing, and it did not affect devices. Samsung apologized for any inconvenience, adding that it would work to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

While the notification may have worried a few users and woke some up in the middle of the night, it never caused any issues with the affected devices. Samsung doubtlessly won’t be happy about the incident, though, especially as it’s currently trying to promote the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip and doesn't want any distractions.

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TS Addict
I saw this on my workphone and just thought my company wanted to know where I was. Still in bed wishing I didnt have to get up.

But I would never worried about being hacked, factory reset or hammer if necessary. Solved
I'm a huge fan of product photo strategy as it's all about hiding the flaws and accentuating the virtues. Apple was the king of that with the initial notch iPhone background picture using the curve of a planet to place the blackness of space just where the notch is. Wow, what a coincidence! And they got sued for deceptive marketing.

And Samsung is doing the same here, "hiding" the hole punch in the darker leaf spaces in the tree shot. I love it!


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I don't have a Samsung but, is anyone at all concerned that Samsung can push messages to your phone whenever it wants?


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It happens to me on my Galaxy S30.. I wasn't so worried about it.. I thought it was a glitch but not from Samaung! its a big thing I think they got all our info and this js a bad sign..!