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Samsung Galaxy S II finally coming to the U.S. next month

By Julio Franco · 15 replies
Jul 21, 2011
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  1. The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S II will make it to the U.S. market next month, as was confirmed by a Samsung exec in South Korea while speaking to a…

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  2. If this comes to Verizon, I'm getting it!
  3. 1977TA

    1977TA TS Rookie Posts: 89

    I can't wait, I've been pretty happy with my galaxy s that I got last year. Never really saw a huge reason to upgrade until now. My only complaint is that Samsung is very slow to push updates, not a huge problem if you know how to root your phone, but customers shouldn't have to do that.
  4. Unclean009

    Unclean009 TS Rookie

    I bought this phone a few weeks ago and have been using it on AT&T. It is definitely the best smartphone I have ever owned. I have absolutely no regrets paying the large sum of cash for it.
  5. 4.3"? Just a tad small for me anymore. I've gotten use to a FIVE inch screen.
    If it were 4.5 or 4.7 I might consider it.
    Along with the DELAY getting it here, you can bet there will be a newer batch of
    phones this fall. Nothing against this phone, but it's taking WAY to long to get it
    to the USA. Most likely the fault of the carriers who want to cripple it.
    Verizon & at&t can't have anything stepping on the iPhone's ya know.
  6. OnaZ

    OnaZ TS Rookie

    Wow so late, I am all the way in South Africa and we have had that for over a month now.
  7. One of the best phones Samsung ever produced. Super efficient performance. Highly friendly user interface. I am afraid this model might give tough time to current and upcoming iPhone models. Desperately waiting this model to arrive in our part of the world.
  8. aj_the_kidd

    aj_the_kidd TS Rookie Posts: 555

    For those who are interested in this phone please note that i have found that the stock music app will crash sometimes, which is pretty annoying but its up an running again in 20-30secs. NOT EVERYONE has experienced this so don't let this deter you from getting this phone, plus a simple fix is to install a new music app and your good to go, Cloudskipper is a good free app and winamp as well, that little annoyance aside, its easily the quickest phone I've used and stable (minus the music app).
  9. Will be coming to AT&T, Sprint and Verzion with different names

    AT&T Attain, Function (Verizon) and the "Within" for Sprint
  10. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,634   +98

    A new music player bug ... anyway here is an old one, on my SGS if I pause while playing music through playlist, then resume after some time, it will skip the playlist and start playing whatever music it want to play.
  11. Will this support 4g?
  12. I hope it has 4G like the one in Canada.....but at this point it's anyone's guess.
  13. 1977TA

    1977TA TS Rookie Posts: 89

    It has HSPA+, which is t-mobiles "4g"...which is also a lot better then AT&T's "4g". Makes me wonder if it'll go to only T-Mobile.....
  14. Which 5" Smartphone are you using now? There aren't actually many branded 5" smartphones available. Many of the leading ones now are between 3.5" and 4.5" (iphone4, Samsung, HTC, LG etc etc). Or do you have one of those "mini" tablets that aint quite a smart phone nor is is a tablet (like a playbook)
  15. Would love to have NFC in the US model (on ATT)
  16. Great phone except the bluetooth implementation will not work with most factory fitted carphones

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