Samsung launches the 6.6mm-thin Galaxy Tab S series


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Samsung has today announced yet another line of tablets aimed at dethroning Apple's iPad from the top spot in the market. The Galaxy Tab S series comes in two sizes, an 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch model, both packing Super AMOLED displays...

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The 8.4" model must be really good, with 360 PPI screen perfect for quick web browsing.

I have the same sentiment as others, I can easily afford one and I want it, but I just don't need it :)


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I really like Sony Xperia tablet Z2's design and it's (slightly) thinner (6.4") than Samsung.. But, Samsung got smaller bezel, higher ppi, and larger battery.. Tough choice!

PS: Just like the others, I don't need it but I want it


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When they get thin enough to roll up and snort coke with, that's when I'll buy one....:eek: (just kidding, I'd still use a twenty dollar bill. I know it's annoying how I cling to the old ways
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