Samsung ML-2010 printer and Windows 8

By kjenter
Nov 23, 2012
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  1. A freind of mine just purchased a new laptop with Windows 8, he is not real computer savy, I am somewhat, I said I would try to help him connect the samsung printer ml 2010 to his new laptop. I have been albe to conntect my printer which is a HP to my new laptop with Windows 9, but I am just lost here, don't know anything about samsung. Can I get some help with drivers/ installing his printer to Windows 8.....Thanks a lot
  2. mv841

    mv841 TS Rookie

    (Information dated 2013/01/27)

    1. Connect the ML-2010 DIRECTLY to the PC running Windows 8 via USB cable (you may need to be logged in as administrator)
    2. Windows 8 should automatically install the printer in a couple of minutes. Look in your "Devices and Printers" to verify that "Samsung ML-2010 Series" appears.

    3. Once step 3 is completed, the ML-2010 driver has been installed.
    4. Now if you want, you can move the printer to another PC and use it with "printer sharing", or connect to it via a Network Print Server an the install that "new" printer. Do not remove the original printer you installed via USB while you are doing this. If/when you are asked for a driver for the "new" printer, you can pick "Samsung" ans "ML-2010 Series" in the manually select dialog box.
    5. Just remember that at least one installed printer must be using this driver - else it will get de-installed aand you will have to go through the whole process again.

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